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My law practice focuses on the expungement and sealing of Illinois arrest records that are appearing on background checks. The desire to expunge or seal a record may be motivated by a number of factors. These records may hinder obtaining employment, obtaining a loan or getting approved for a rental agreement. They may simply not reflect who you are, how you want to be judged or who you want to become.

Whatever your motivation, I am dedicated to helping you through the process.

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Your options for clearing your record depend on what the arrest was for, what the outcome of the case was and when you completed any imposed sentence.


When you are arrested or charged with an offense, an arrest or criminal record is created. This is true even if you are released without being charged or if the charge is eventually dismissed.


Your criminal records can be discovered by the public, including your family, friends, employers, banks, and credit agencies. To have your record erased (expunged) or hidden (sealed) you must file a Request to Expunge and/or Seal Criminal Records with the court and have a judge approve your Request.

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Clearing Your Record



EXPUNGEMENT erases arrests that did not result in a conviction and most sentences of court supervision from your criminal record as if they never happened. Some sentences of probation are also eligible for expungement.

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SEALING hides your criminal record from most of the public. Although law enforcement agencies can still see sealed records and employers who are required by law to conduct background checks can see sealed felony convictions, other standard background checks will not reveal a sealed record.

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EXECUTIVE CLEMENCY, or a pardon from the Governor, may be an option if your record does not qualify for expungement or sealing. If the pardon is granted, you can then apply to have your record expunged.



I began my legal career as an attorney for United Airlines in their Chicago world headquarters office after becoming a pilot, working as an aircraft mechanic, airline management professional and completing law school at night while working full time.


After practicing law and leading many different practice areas at United, I discovered my true passion when I was asked to develop and lead the Legal Department’s Pro Bono and Community Service Program. While helping those in need who could not afford to hire a lawyer, I experienced the personal rewards of using my legal skills to change individual lives for the better. I left my corporate practice to do this work full time and while I continue to work with several legal aid organizations providing pro bono services, I also provide individual services for those who are able to pay for them, but not at the big firm rates. I am well experienced in clearing criminal records and advocating for petitioners in criminal court.


I'm also the founder of the Project to Engage Active Retired Lawyers (PEARL) that encourages volunteer lawyers and legal professionals to provide pro bono legal services to improve access to justice for those in need.

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